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24 February 2010


Handmade by Natty

ugh, think my comment just got swallowed.

But wanted to say that cake looks almost good enough to eat. Love the flowers on top - perfect finishing touch. :o)

I shopped for new PJs today as well (it must be the equivalent of stocking up on new knickers before going away on holiday lol) and Sainsbury's came up tops - 2 new sets of PJs each under £10. They had some really nice ones in and fab slippers...


Gill, that cake is amazing.


super sweet cake and the flowers are good enough to eat!!


Your work is always so amazing Gill. The cake is fabulous and the flowers are super !! Must come back to classes one day and get some of your expertise !!! Maria H

cheap wedding dresses

Nice. Your creations are awesome!


would love to know how to make this wedding cake for my wedding!

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